Rat Zapper – The Latest Update of Reviews

Technology in contemporary times is so very fast paced that what is ‘novel’ today, becomes ‘outdated’ tomorrow. Rodent control is not something that has remained unaffected by latest know-how and the change has been an improvement in every way. Rat Zappers have introduced high-tech mechanism in rodent control and made possible a humane and tidy way eliminating rats and mice. parasite zapper Ask somebody who has suffered from a severe infestation and he will be able to testify that the problem continues to be an acute and nagging pain until total eradication may be achieved.

Being environment friendly is not just a vogue limited within a conscious and concerned circle but a crying survival prerequisite for everyone. It is not surprising then that though rodent control methods like poisoned baits and the ordinary snap-traps and glue traps continue to be in use, electronic devices have gained a decided advantage over them. An incidental discovery by Mr. Robert Noe, and now manufactured by his company Agrizap the Rat Zapper has received acceptance in twelve countries worldwide apart from the U.S.A. The original Rat Zapper Classic has been supplemented by the development of the bigger Rat Zapper Ultra and both models use patented electronic technology to deliver a fatal electric shock that kills rodents immediately on contact. The Rat Zapper battle station is an extended system of several individual units that was devised to meet rodent control needs of larger homes and commercial establishments. It is convenient to use and may be placed in remote positions and yet tracked through the Rat Tale, which is a cord attachment.

Two modern electronic pest control methods are the ultrasonic and ultra- magnetic and both have seen some favor with users, but unlike Rat Zapper, which applies an electric shock, the ultrasonic and ultra-magnetic devices use high frequency sound waves and magnetic waves respectively. These have an initial repelling effect for rodents, but they almost always return after a while when the devices are turned off. Ultrasonic sound waves may also affect pets and humans. Rat Zappers do not interfere with the natural fields present in the environment and the electric current is activated only when the rodent contact completes the circuit.