Looking For a Small Display Cabinet? Collectors Should Read On

Maybe it’s those beautiful shells you’ve picked up on the beach over the years. Perhaps it’s an amazing collection of gemstones in the rough. Would not it be great to display these diminutive treasures in a small display cabinet? In this article, we’ll present some information on small display cabinets for UK collectors.

Small Does not Mean Inexpensive

If you’ve been shopping for a display cabinet, you probably know that they can be extremely expensive. Less expensive cabinets, especially the type you have to assemble, might not display your collection to its best advantage and look cheap. You may not know it, Biosafety Cabinet but there’s a compromise that might just solve all your problems: a small curio cabinet that you can customize when you order it.

Features of Semi-Custom Cabinets

When shopping for a traditional curio display cabinet, you might not be able to find one that compliments your d├ęcor. Why not consider a semi-custom curio display cabinet? Semi-custom cabinets are fully adaptable in terms of hardware, door style and finish color. Types of wood used in a semi-custom home display cabinet are generally the traditional oak, mahogany, fruitwood and walnut. Some manufacturers use “virgin” wood but others use “reclaimed” wood that’s already seasoned and better for the environment.

More Desirable Features

Regardless of what type of wood is used, top-quality curio cabinets are constructed using traditional joinery techniques, not nails and staples. The best cabinets also have a hand-rubbed finish and many feature distinctive, hand-forged hardware made from decorative iron or brass. Inside the cabinet, the shelving system should be customizable to accommodate large or bulky items. Also, lights can be added according to your specific needs rather than a “one size fits all” lighting scheme.

A small display cabinet is the perfect way for collectors in the UK to exhibit their collections attractively while protecting them from damage.