How To Teach A Dog Tricks The Ideal Way

Any one who owns a dog wants to know how to teach a dog tricks. It would be superb fun and entertainment to see your dog perform tricks such as roll over, play dead, shake hands, etc. In reality you’ll find, you are required to teach your dog basic obedience training first before jumping into teaching your dog tricks.

Before learning how to teach a dog tricks you will need to learn a number of basic skills that will make teaching your dog tricks a great deal more trouble-free. You must teach your dog the simple commands such as sit, stay, come, down, and heel. Copper kettle When your dog has learned how to perform these primary skills on command then you are ready to teach your dog other tricks.

You ought to keep training sessions for teaching tricks quick, try to keep it down to around 15-20 minutes at the most each session and practice regularly daily. This is to be sure that the dog doesn’t get bored by hearing the same command over and over. Make certain you reward your dog each time a trick is performed properly and keep the classes positive.

Once you have picked out a command name of the trick you want to teach your dog, you need to always use that same command throughout your dog’s training. Use a hand signal and vocal command a handful of times if the dog isn’t responding, and always make sure to remain consistent. As your dog understands a trick and is in the process of solidifying the trained behavior, slowly decrease the reward. For instance in the beginning you would want to use treats to teach your dog a trick and then slowly but surely replace treats with just praise and then replacing praise with just verbal praises like “good boy”. This is fantastic when you learn how to teach a dog tricks given that it won’t encourage your dog on to learn that it should always expect treats after it has performed a trick and recognize that just by performing a trick it has pleased you and that is good enough.

Make sure you remember to not get annoyed or angry if your dog doesn’t learn something first time around. It will take some practice before your dog gets it right, but you’ll get there if you keep trying. Sooner or later your dog will get it correct and make you extremely pleased. Dogs typically want to please their masters, so keep this in mind when you are teaching your dog. If you get angry and scold your dog, this will only have negative results in the future when you are trying to teach your dog new tricks.

When I asked other experts their favored tactic when it comes to how to teach a dog tricks, the all agreed clicker training is a great method. A clicker can be picked up at any pet store and has been revealed to be very successful when training dogs how to perform tricks. Dogs understand information by using their sense of smell and hearing so this is the key reason why clicker training has been established to be so advantageous.

The foremost important aspect in all of dog training and particularly when learning how to teach a dog tricks is that you stay consistent with the training practice sessions, keep things optimistic, and praise your dog to display that you are pleased when it has done the right thing. Your dog will be able to astound your family and friends if you carry out this advice I have given you, and you devote the right amount of time to work with your dog each day.