Designer Tea Kettles – 5 Ways to Care for Them

You absolutely love tea, hot tea and iced tea both. You are in desperate need for a new tea kettle. You just happened to find an designer tea kettle in apple red that you love just as much as tea. You buy it now it’s in your hands now! You will want to take extra special care of it because it’ has significant meaning to you. Here’s 5 steps to clean it properly?

The most important tip is to not let your new kettle rust. When you hear the whistle blowing and you are done using the water, dump it out and do not let it sit. The enamel can actually rust. So, just dry the kettle and put it away for another day!

Do not put your designer kettle in the dishwater. Just gently wash your kettle with mild soap and dry immediately. This will keep it beautiful and shiny for years to come! If you used the dishwasher and treated it like another dish, it could burnish or lose its shine.

When filling your designer kettle with water, copper tea kettle do not fill it to the cap. The excess water will push open the lid and throw the water out. In time the rubber seal will break. The spout opens automatically once the kettle is lifted. This is a great feature to have to pour the water especially if you had arthritis. You do not want to get burned suddenly and drop the kettle! So, remember this all important tip!

One other tip is to never let the water out of your tea kettle. This means do not let it boil dry. Do not rely on the whistle. Always check to see if the water is hot. If this does happen, turn off immediately and do not remove it. Let it be. The tea kettle needs to cool down completely. The reason is the enamel could get damaged and actually melt the tea kettle. So, just check it to see if everything is ok. This also could possibly cause a fire. Always watch anything you have on a stove and never leave unattended.

If you use a gas stove, place your designer tea kettle on the center of the gas burner. Use a burner the same size or smaller never bigger. This could cause the flames to melt parts on the tea kettle and of course serious injury or fire could occur.