Are You A Transgender and Having Sex for The First Time?

People have plenty of misconception about transgenders and particularly if transgenders want to have sex for the first time, they lack completely about the information regarding sex.

Sex is certainly such a topic, which is not usually discussed in public, but whatever young people are aware about sex is mostly related to mainstream sex, where a cisgender or straight couple may have.

When a Trans male or female decides to have sex, which is also their right, then they are aware very little about their sexuality.

Also, many transgenders may not prefer to take hormone pills or go through surgeries in order to be capable of performing sex.

Even guardians like parents, mentors or instructors who provide sex education offer knowledge about sex, which is only about mainstream sex like penis penetrating vagina etc. Here it is assumed that all in the room are normal male or female.

Those who are transgender will find it very uncomfortable to ask questions regarding their sexuality and they too end up assuming that sex is just about penis and vagina. Therefore, most of the transgenders hardly have any input related to tans-sex.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about few key things that a transgender must be aware of, before going for first time sex.

  1. Male transgender body too are sexy

Mostly our society and also media project transgender body as unattractive and they are not capable of any sexual act. You will hardly find a transgender as a lead character in any movie.

Also, media projects only few special trans male are really worthy of consideration, as far as sex is concerned. Finally, unless the transgender undergoes surgery, they are not capable of performing sex.

Get rid of this mindset and believe that your body too is attractive and sexy.

  1. Sex is much more than penis-vagina penetration

Our society has been believing that having a penis makes you a superior gender and males can really make better penetration in the vagina after they become hard. However, sex is much beyond just penis-vagina penetration.

One can also have oral sex, use of toys, touching and other non-penetrative sex. Also, the penetration can also be achieved by using straps or something other than penis.

  1. Transgender too have right to respect their body

Almost all transgender males were made to believe that they are more like female and in addition to that often people ask very invasive questions about their genitals. Due to this reason, transsexual people are afraid to speak about their desire for sex.

Therefore, before you go for first time sex, ask your partner about their expectation and also communicate about your limitation.

  1. Your health is also very important for you

Often many transgender people tend to go out of their way to please their sex partner and go for unprotected sex. However, remember your health is also equally important and never take the risk of going for unprotected sex.